Full design of a zodiac based card game.



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From the very first iteration of making a card game based on the zodiac, my thought was "How do you make it feel legitimate as a story"? When I started doing research on other card games I discovered that with the most popular ones in the market characters are the main central figure. The difficult question was how do you make the zodiac something that people can relate to just like they can relate to characters? The solution I discovered was that each sign of the zodiac has different characteristics and in turn those will help each sign be its own character that works through a story that needed to be created.



For the last iteration of the card the wire frame needed to be symmetrical and apparent as to which character was on the card. And since each sign has positive and negative traits, the card needed to be able to be flipped in either direction and understood. Room on the card needed to be created for elements such as signs, symbols, emotional traits, trait numbers and illustrations of the signs themselves as well as various labeling.



The cards went through many stages of iterations in regards to space themes, astrological graphic design, constellation use and color schemes to help understand the four elements that the signs belong to such as earth, air, fire and water. 



Clearing the obstacle of card layout was a major challenge, but nothing compared to the challenge of creating 12 unique icons that represent each character of the zodiac. It would have been less difficult if each character were belonging to a similar group such as animals or plants, however the zodiac is a collection of animals, insects, nouns, mythical creatures and vague references. Creating a cohesive style for each one was a major creative challenge but eventually met. 


Also at this stage the four colors and their sub colors were decided for the four elements.



The original intent with creating a card game was to have a box that was small and a game that could be easily pulled out of a shelf and played without there being a huge production in rule behavior and set up. Orbit Master achieves those goals with its minimal design and easy to understand complexity. The motif of the stars carries through all parts of the game including the box, rules and cards. The custom dice play into the overall design aesthetic as well.