Pure simplicity at it's greatest in an app that is no fuss.



jt_user research.png


I found that some notetaking apps had many lofty promises of being easy to use and quick, but they were still loaded with so many options and details that they ended up not being so quick and easy to use. The challenge that I met was how to create a note taking app that was so incredibly simple, but effective and still legitimate without being hampered by elementary design.


I found inspiration in the old DOS design in how it became useful in it’s simplicity because it was fully utilitarian.

jt_user flow.png


I soon discovered with the user flow that an app that is so simple can actually get the user lost in it’s minimal function. I needed to find a way to make sure that the user understood whether they were in the flow for folders or in the flow for notes. I decided the best way to do this was to utilize the power of icons.

Wire frameing for Jott was the easiest task for this project. Once the user flow was established, it became apparent that element layout was going to be as simple and as easy to use as possible, which in turn made sketching out this app very easy with no issue.





For an app to be this simple, it needed to have strict structure requirements. The negative space can be a hindrance  to the design if not applied properly



To keep the flow understandable for this ultra minimal app, the colors needed to be a no brainer, the typography needed to be inspiring and the icons needed to be original. The icons went through many iterations and ultimately were drawn from inspiration from the old DOS software.


How do you keep the user intrigued when all of the elements are so minimal? This was the challenge and I found the solution by utilizing objects in white against the blue and very quick left, up and down screen swipes to help the user know where they are.

jt_mobile design.png


The layout of Jott fits nicely within a mobile screen with its midsize typography and large negative space. The user knows where they are and has the responsive time to make quick decisions and actions.