Urban exploration taken to the next level with an app that replicates a wilderness hiking format, but for cities.




cv_user research.png


Speaking with different users from different backgrounds help develop the proper knowledge needed to make Civis a usable app. The idea seemed good to me, but what about others? This app is dynamic in its approach so I did find some issues with the various feedback based on the differing personality types that enjoy exploring cities. 


I discovered that people do find the idea of treating a city like an urban hiking playground is a good idea, it just needs to be organized into categories of exploration such as history, sports, etc. 

cv_user flow.png


I found that breaking up Civis into three main sections such as Maps, Locations and User Profiles helped to narrow down all of the information in this information heavy app. This was easy enough, but the real challenge came when there needed to be a solution as far as navigating to and fro these different categories. This is why Civis needed to be easily understood as far as app navigation.



The layout of the screen took some considerable iteration. There was definitely a challenge in laying out the elements in a way that the user could understand. Things to take into consideration were maps, photos and location descriptions. This all needed to be organized in a cohesive way so that the user did not become lost within the app while on the trail.



No pun intended, but creating an urban trails app required quite a bit of navigating. The amount of information that needs to be processed takes a very careful approach to organizing it all.


Keeping those initial categories in mind was incredibly helpful in being a guide through the mountain of information.  


The question arose: “How do you make a hiking app that looks and feels different from other hiking apps?” Most hiking apps gravitate towards greens and blues and browns to match the wilderness in which the user is going to participate, however the user will be in an urban environment so the colors needed to be much more bold and provocative. I decided to go with the complementary purple and yellow to be as a stand out and to be eye-catching since there are so many things in a city that catch your eye suddenly.



Utilizing the purple and yellow color scheme, I made the buttons be opposite of their background so that the user would notice them while also exploring all of the varied details of a city scape.  Cities can be quite distracting with all the visuals, the noise and the information overload, so the user needs to be able to have quick actions while using the app.

cv_mobile design.png


This is where this app closely resembles many of the other hiking apps in that it utilizes a full screen map with a geo-location and trail recording. The interface is non-invasive when it comes to knowing where you are with easily read details of your distance and time at the bottom of the screen. It was difficult to peel my mind away from typical map screens and into t purple and yellow scheme.