The original intent of MICK-ANICAL was to create a Disney themed entry for a Threadless T-shirt contest. It basically had to be Mickey or a character within Mickey's friend group.


Needless to say I won! MICK-ANICAL was printed onto shirts and is currently for sale. My thoughts behind the piece was that I wanted to make a robotic Mickey, but it had to be my style and a version of the mouse that I personally had not seen before. I decided to use the values of his face as parameters for the output. His lighter face became the panels while his darker head and ears became the clustered parts.


DUCKTAPE and GOOF OFF are a continuation of the MICK-ANICAL styling. I really wanted to include the 3 as a robot collection, because they have had so many adventures as a unit. I love Donald's hat.








You can buy the T-shirt HERE.







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