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Hello there. I'm sure by now you know my name is Jason Gamber. I consider myself a visual artist specializing in the 2D realm. Robots, mech parts, iconic characters and cars fill my work load as it does my mind. They are the extension of my creative output and I find joy in becoming better at translating art to you within this paradigm. Or maybe I just think this stuff is so fun! ILLUSTRATION I've illustrated all my life and I feel I've dappled in almost every arena imaginable. When I was 6 years old I brought an illustration to my dad and he didn't believe that I drew it. Geez Dad! It's funny, I started out drawing robots and cars when I was so young and eventually that would become my main focus. Having lemons for cars growing up certainly helped seeing how my nose was always in a repair manual. The amount of technical illustration involved in elaborating car engines fascinated me. Eventually I would find myself not wanting to illustrate much more than those parts. However, I wanted more than just engines. I wanted to tell a story with the mechanical layout. The question became this: How could I invoke an emotion using these materials? It is a constant and unfinished quest. GRAPHIC DESIGN Football. That's the answer. I bet you're expecting my love for graphic design to come from an inert desire to tread the deep waters of the almighty DESIGN universe, but really it comes down to what the soul of a business, team or person is as reflected in shapes, colors and type. The love people have for football teams really seems to tell the story of graphic design the best. The celebration and dare I say worship of a logo? A few complimentary colors stacked on top of each other? The tiniest nuance of a number and how it relates to a team mascot? Football could easily be shirts and skins, but it's the branding of an idea onto those teams that generate the over-the-top fandom. COLORIST I started working with Photoshop in 1996. Needless to say I was amazed. My teacher at the time wanted me to work on such assignments that involved manipulating crabs on a dinner menu, but I was more prone to coloring my comic book illustrations. The vivid colors, the stamping experiments and eventually transplanting characters and objects to whole new worlds took a great hold on me. Later down the road I taught myself Illustrator which eventually became the benchmark for my work. WORKING WITH ME I like to keep a few components on me at all times. They are: Originality. Team Playing. 110%, and Loving the work. I'm not a fan of the same ol' same ol'. I enjoy and seek out fresh new ideas and I'm not afraid to chart unfamiliar waters. I understand that shooting for new can be very difficult and downright grueling, but the payoff is worth it. I'm a huge fan of movies and if you study film enough, you come to the understanding that it's not a one man show. Sure, the director has a type of authorship, but it is always a team effort and I'm in love with that idea and format of creativity. Different minds bring so many unexpected ideas together that can never be conjured up by one person. It's a beautiful thing! Hard work. Late nights. Early mornings. Coffee and Clif bars at all stages. This I love. The grind. The teeth sunk in and great dragging of the mind and body to make it happen, because it's worth it. The end result. The final piece. The show for what you strived for and what you believed in. The reaction. The love for the work. This I bring to the table always.